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Union D.W.D. 2018

249,95 € 199,95 € *


Union D.W.D. 2018

249,95 € 199,95 € *


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DINOSAURS Will Die is constantly evolving, growing their tails and sharpening their teeth. With a loyal following of Rats they roll in a pack and rip everything in sight. You hardly find one of these Rats the same but their core is the root to their connection. From ripping stormy a day on the mountain to spending cold nights in the streets UNION has come together with DWD to give you a binding that murders it in all conditions. WARNING: THIS BINDING KILLS DINOSAURS!


Color: Dino | Size: M & L


Baseplate: Stage 4 Duraflex ST Baseplate

Highback: Team Highbacks

Forward Lean Adjuster: Shift On The Fly

Bushing: Multi Density Thermoformed Eva

Heelcup: Extruded 3D Aluminum

Ankle Strap: Symmetric Sonic Fused

Toe Strap: Ultragrip Toe Straps

Buckles: Magnesium Ratchets

Disk: Universal Disk 4X4 + Channel Ready

Hardware: Grade 8.8 Hardware

Packaging: Thermoformed Box

Extra: Lifetime warranty Baseplates and Heelcups


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